Smiling logistics worker holding a clipboard in a warehouse.

Optimize Your
Packing Process
with Our Advanced
NetSuite Solution

At CloudConnect Consulting, we know that efficient packing is key to cutting shipping costs and ensuring
timely deliveries.

Our advanced Packing Optimization Solution for NetSuite is designed to streamline your packing process, handle complex requirements, and maximize the use of your packing materials. Now, with integrated automated shipping rating and labeling, our solution is the complete package for your automated pick, pack, and ship technology.

Key Features

Carton Selection

Automatically determine the optimal carton for each order based on item dimensions, weights, and specific
carton requirements.

Our solution ensures that items are packed in the most efficient and
cost-effective way possible.

Custom Item
Record Configuration

Capture detailed dimensions and
weights for each item in your inventory.

Our solution leverages custom fields and sublists to ensure accurate packing decisions every time.

Specified Carton

Easily handle items that need to ship
in specified cartons.

Simply define the carton details in the item record, and our solution will automatically assign the item to the correct carton during the
packing process.

Multi-Carton Handling

For items that need to be split across multiple cartons, our solution provides flexible handling:

Part-Based Carton Assignment:
Assign specific parts of an item to designated cartons.

Formula-Based Selection:
Use selection formulas to determine
the best cartons for the remaining
parts of the item.

Automated Shipping Rating and Labeling

Integrate automated shipping rating and labeling into your packing process.

Get real-time shipping rates, print shipping labels, and streamline
your entire pick, pack, and ship
workflow with ease.

Automated Process Flow

Streamline your packing operations with an automated process that handles:

• Capturing item details
• Retrieving item and carton specifications upon order creation
• Determining the optimal cartons for each order
• Assigning items to the selected cartons
• Logging and outputting the packing configuration for fulfillment
• Real-time shipping rate retrieval and label printing

Unmatched Benefits


Automate the packing process to save time and reduce manual errors.

Our solution ensures that every order is packed accurately and efficiently.

Cost Savings

Optimize the use of packing materials and get the best shipping rates to lower your shipping costs.

By selecting the most appropriate cartons for each order and integrating shipping rates, you can minimize waste and reduce expenses.


Our solution is designed to accommodate a wide range of packing requirements, including specified cartons and multi-carton items.

Whether you have simple or complex packing needs, we’ve got you covered.


Handle orders with a large number of items and diverse packing requirements with ease.

Our solution is built to scale with your business, ensuring efficient packing operations as you grow.

Ready to revolutionize your packing process?

Contact CloudConnect Consulting to learn more about our Packing Optimization Solution for NetSuite. Let us help you achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility in your packing operations.