Key Steps for a Successful Implementation 

Considering a NetSuite ERP implementation? Want to know the steps to a successful go-live? As you get ready to implement NetSuite for your company, here are a few quick things we think you should know beforehand.


Set your goals and objectives: Before beginning any ERP implementation, it is important to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in the short and long term. Establishing your goals will inform the rest of the implementation process.

Identify resources and create a timeline: As with any major project, it is essential to identify who will be responsible for each part of the implementation and how long each task should take to complete.

Assess existing processes: A successful NetSuite implementation requires an in-depth understanding of your current business processes, such as order management, inventory management and billing/invoicing.

Drive Enable and walkthrough: Configuring, customizing and integrating the software to fit your business needs. Running tests to ensure accuracy and reliability

User acceptance test: Confirming that the system meets all requirements and objectives. User acceptance involves testing, training and providing support for users before going live with the system. Additionally, it also includes verifying that integration with other systems is functioning correctly.

Prepare data for migration: Before going live, ensure that all relevant data is migrated into NetSuite accurately and securely by using trustworthy third-party providers or expert consultants with experience in working with NetSuite.

Train personnel: All staff involved in using the system must be adequately trained so they are comfortable navigating the new platform before going live.

Test & Go Live: Once testing is complete, it’s time to go live! Make sure everyone involved in the process understands their roles and responsibilities when going live with NetSuite ERP

Your NetSuite Partner Team

A strong project manager is essential for a successful NetSuite implementation. The project manager should have experience in successfully leading projects of a similar complexity and size, with focus on organizing and managing teams. This person must be able to review requirements, design and create plans, assign tasks, receive feedback and progress reports to make sure the timeline is met. Additionally, the project leader should hold team members accountable for their assigned responsibilities while maintaining good relationships with stakeholders throughout the process.

Working with a NetSuite partner can provide you with the extra resources and guidance needed for a successful implementation. A partner can help create realistic expectations, identify and mitigate risks, optimize business processes, and provide key insights from their experience. Furthermore, they can coordinate project timelines and work with stakeholders to ensure success. Additionally, a partner will be able to offer valuable advice on best practices based on past implementations. This helps ensure that all objectives are met in an efficient manner as quickly as possible.

With NetSuite, every customer runs on the same version, eliminating the need for continual integrations. This is why it’s important to strategically plan up front with your NetSuite partner and ensure that everyone is working together towards a successful implementation. Adding on different features or expanding the scope of the project after it has already begun will only lead to delays in reaching your go-live date. A good partner will be able to provide helpful advice on best practices throughout the process for an efficient and seamless implementation.

When is the Right Time to Implement NetSuite?

When deciding to implement NetSuite, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. On one hand, you have the added benefit of customer access to real-time inventory data, comprehensive CRM capabilities and multi-currency support. On the other hand, the upfront cost and time needed to set up a successful implementation can be daunting.

For companies just starting out or needing a modern infrastructure update, the value of NetSuite outweighs these costs and provides an effective way to run your business more efficiently. With its ease of use, scalability and powerful features such as audit trails, you can ensure your operations are set up for success.

What is a NetSuite Solution Provider? 

CloudConnect Consulting is an authorized Oracle NetSuite reseller, providing customers with comprehensive services that help businesses maximize their NetSuite investment. We offer a full range of services from initial migration and setup to customizing and optimizing the platform for specific business needs. CloudConnect has the ability to secure competitive license prices as well as provide insights into how best to utilize available capabilities.

CloudConnect Consulting builds strong and lasting relationships with customers, providing reliable and tailored consulting services. From initial onboarding to ongoing support and maintenance, we ensure that customers are getting the most out of their Oracle NetSuite investment. By fostering trusted relationships with clients, CloudConnect Consulting helps them remain up-to-date on upcoming releases and establish a personalized strategy for the future. This enables customers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new technologies and staying competitive in the marketplace.

Want to Purchase NetSuite and Get Started?

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