Are you ready to transform your e-commerce operations?

CloudConnect Consulting, presents a game-changing NetSuite App tailored for companies using or transitioning to NetSuite. This powerful solution is perfect for businesses selling directly to consumers through online marketplaces or websites with high order volumes.

Why Choose Our Solution?

  • Mass Fulfillment Efficiency: Fulfill hundreds of orders in seconds with our seamless App.
  • Cost Savings with eHub Rate Shopping: Optimize shipping costs effortlessly with the best carrier rates.
  • Automated Processing: Instantly mass print packing slips with carrier labels, streamlining your workflow.
  • Advanced Order Filtering: Prioritize your most critical orders with ease.
  • Packing Algorithm: optimizes carton selection ensuring the right size and number of cartons are chosen for each shipment.
  • Auto Pick and Auto Lot Assignment (FEFO): Implements a first expiring, first out system to manage inventory.
  • Instant Carrier Rate Shopping: Seamlessly shop all eHub carriers US and International without ever leaving NetSuite.
  • Integrated Rate Shopping: Effortlessly integrate online stores within NetSuite for aggregated rate shopping in eHub.
  • Reliable and Fast Rate Shopping: Experience fast and reliable rate shopping with eHub, boasting a 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • Weather Forecast Functionality: Incorporates temperature criteria into shipping rules for temperature-sensitive products.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Get detailed tracking events and delivery date confirmation updates in NetSuite, along with clear shipping cost analysis for each order.
  • Proven Performance: Our bulletproof solution supports fulfillment for high-volume customers, with scalability that has already handled up to 10,000 orders a day and beyond.
  • Unified System: No need to leave NetSuite—fulfill and print labels in one system, eliminating the need for external systems like RF Smart and ShipStation.
  • Immediate ROI: Affordable and effective, our solution quickly pays for itself by delivering immediate return on investment.
  • Exclusive NetSuite Rates: As a trusted NetSuite Solution Provider, we specialize in securing and configuring your NetSuite license, making it even better if you don’t have NetSuite yet.

Unmatched Benefits

Experience significant efficiency gains with our solution, reducing tasks that once took minutes to mere seconds, thereby dramatically boosting your fulfillment speed. Make data-driven decisions using real-time tracking and comprehensive reports to refine your shipping strategies and maximize savings.

See It to Believe It


Curious to see how it all works?

You won’t believe the demo – it’s phenomenal. Request an eHub shipping savings analysis and a mass fulfillment demo today and witness the future of e-commerce fulfillment. Contact us now for your demo and start saving on shipping costs!