NetSuite Analytics Warehouse: Data Visualizations 

In this video, we demonstrate how NetSuite Analytics Warehouse can easily create a series of revenue-based data visualizations to assist in strategic planning. We’ll explain how to combine data from NetSuite and other business applications in our single, centralized cloud data warehouse and analytics solution to simplify data management and gain faster access to insights that will drive better decisions.

 NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

In this video, we demonstrate key capabilities of NetSuite’s cloud-based data warehouse and analytics solution, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. We’ll show how NetSuite data is easily combined with data from other sources using prebuilt data pipelines to help discover new insights that enhance decision making as well as how embedded machine learning is used to analyze historical data and spot trends and outliers.

NetSuite Overview of Dashboards, Reporting and Customer Records

In this demonstration, we’ll navigate NetSuite dashboards, reporting and customer records. Since NetSuite is a role-based system, dashboards, metrics, and permissions are pre-built, but we’ll demonstrate how to easily customize them to meet your business needs. We’ll also cover how to use SuiteAnalytics for real-time reporting and analysis using financial and operational data within NetSuite. Finally, we’ll explain how to use the Customer 360 functionality to get a complete view of all relevant customer information, including contact and communication history, financial standing, purchase history, and possible opportunities for upsell.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting: Demand Forecasting 

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to forecast demand using NetSuite Planning and Budgeting. We explain how multiple methods can be used for projecting a demand forecast and how this operational activity is integrated with financial plans. We then review how to adjust, update, and validate a demand forecast value for a specific product. Finally, we demonstrate how each demand forecast value can impact our financial forecast and how those projections are visualized through a revenue dashboard.

How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

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