NetSuite for Fashion

NetSuite is helping today’s fashion brands deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences with the only unified cloudbased commerce platform that brings together all the capabilities required to deliver a true omnichannel business solution from ecommerce and point of sale, to marketing, financials, inventory and order management.

Retail apparel and accessories brands operate as manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers. They need one solution that can accommodate the complexities of servicing multiple customer types across all channels of business. NetSuite has brought together its product family and enhanced core functionality to meet these needs with optimized reporting and omnichannel features so retail brands can run their business more efficiently and profitably.

Key CRM Features
Engage customers, both B2B and B2C, from anywhere, on any device with one unified cloud platform.
• Improve enterprise-wide decision making with a clear view of critical company data, updated in real-time.
• Deliver the ideal customer experience by phasing out costly, outdated and unruly systems using a prescribed Stairway methodology.
• Maximize time-to-value with NetSuite’s Whole Offer; combining NetSuite with strategic services, partnerships and valueadded products for a complete end-to-end solution.
• Optimize business processes with tailored features, designed to meet the dynamic needs of fashion apparel and accessories brands.
One Unified Cloud Platform
Customer Experience

“NetSuite provides the data
to make informed educated
decisions based on not only
profitability but also trends and
forecasting. The KPI’s also keep
my fingers on the pulse in every
area of business, from customer
service to sales. This allows me
to go deeper into wins and cut
losses earlier in each cycle,
which in fashion is critical.”

Tony Drockton, CEO, Hammitt

 Built for Retail Apparel Brands

  • Save the Sale with the ability to locate out-of-stock inventory in nearby stores.
  • Deliver Omnichannel Service with capabilities to buy, return, fulfill from anywhere.
  • Maximize Efficiency across channels while reducing time and costs to achieve the ultimate ROI.
  • Reduce Out-of-Stocks with accurate inventory visibility and the ability to allocate stock appropriately across all channels.
  • Process Routine Orders Faster and service B2B customers effortlessly with auto charge credit card capabilities.
  • Automate Communication with triggered emails to notify customers when an item they purchased online is available for store pick-up.
  • Increase Online Conversions with size charts to educate on product fit, as well as visually stimulating lookbooks and Instagram hashtag galleries to convert more browsers to buyers.
  • Fulfill Orders Faster optimize shipments with rules to automatically fulfill orders based on preferences such as nearest warehouse, shipping price or stores with excess inventory.
  • Quickly Move Merchandise eliminate timely manual entry of transfer and replenishment orders with quicker, bulk transfers of inventory across multiple warehouse and retail location
  • Reduce Overhead with improved efficiencies for manual processes such as; entering inventory data as well as sales, purchase, transfer and bulk orders.
  • Improve Decision Making with a 360-degree view of all business operations including customers, orders, financials and inventory using preconfigured dashboards.
  • Drill Down Deeper with insights into top selling items, units per transaction, shrink reports, sales per hour, sell-through figures, retail stock-ledger and dozens of other predefined reports, metrics and KPIs to help you run your business.
  • Gain Complete Cost Visibility see the total cost of goods from raw materials to landed cost including taxes, shipping and other fees for accurate financials.
  • Streamline Operations service B2B and B2C customers from one cohesive unified platform to avoid multiple instances of data entry and touch-point solutions.
  • Heighten Core Functionality with products and services from our network of strategic partners, where integrations are seamless and managed by NetSuite
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How Much Does NetSuite ERP Cost?

Are you looking for a robust business management solution for your fashion and apparel manufacturing business? Look no further than Oracle NetSuite! With its industry-specific features, scalability, and unified system, NetSuite provides everything you need to streamline your operations and achieve success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your business today!