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A Unified Business Management Solution and a ERP Integration for Your Industry’s Specific Needs

Beauty & Personal Care  

Delivering Transformative Results – CloudConnect delivers all the tools needed from day one so that anyone can get up and running quickly with the right workbench to be successful.

Efficiently manage the complexities of your health and beauty business:

  • Real-time, cross channel inventory visibility from components to finished goods.
  • Manage orders from multiple channels— in-store, web, call center, mobile, kiosk—all in one place.
  • Unify the online and in-store experience to satisfy omnichannel customer demand and exceed buyer expectations.
  • Enable a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere experience.
  • Empower sales associates and customer service representatives with a 360-degree view of the customer.
ERP Integration for beauty and personal care online brands
ERP Integration for food and beverage online brands

Food & Beverage

A well-implemented cloud-based system means financial activities appear as soon as they are triggered allowing real-time view into your business.

With many customers throughout the food and beverage industry, NetSuite’s Food and Beverage ERP Software has experience supporting businesses like yours:

  • There is more to your company than business management and NetSuite offers a complete solution that benefits your entire organization.
  • Manage your modern supply chain with NetSuite for control, visibility and planning of your products.
  • 360-degree view of the buyer across all channels and touchpoints.

Home & Kitchen

Easily launch new business models and expand internationally with an ERP integration platform that evaluates all possible ways to scale and increase revenue, and supports multi-currency, multi-entity and different accounting standards.

Efficiently manage the complexities of your home and kitchen business:

  • Real-time, cross channel Inventory visibility.
  • Streamlined order management and procurement processes.
  • Empowered sales associates and customer service.
  • Intelligent delivery scheduling.
ERP Integration for home and kitchen online companies
ERP Integration for sport and outdoor online brand

Sports & Outdoors

Brands and solution partners must be agile in a highly competitive landscape and bring near-constant innovation into their businesses to keep pace with customer expectations.

With thousands of customers throughout the outdoor and sporting industry, NetSuite has the experience supporting fast-growing companies like yours:

  • Speed up the order-to-cash fulfillment process and streamline order processing by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Manage and enhance your global supply chain across multiple time zones and continents.
  • Drive traffic to your website and support your customers and business for growth with NetSuite’s powerful retail platform.
  • Gauge performance across all channels of the business and manage a real-time up to the minute view of all customer interactions.

Apparel, Footware, & Accessories

Helping brands reach their customers not only D2C on your website, but also through marketplaces Target, Walmart, and Amazon on a fully automated order fulfillment solution with CloudConnect and NetSuite.

Industry-Leading Omnichannel Software for Your Apparel and Footwear Business:

  • Make data-driven decisions by leveraging a real-time view of the business with role-based reports, dashboards and KPIs.
  • Remove the need for multiple point solutions with a unified data model, enabling one instance of record for financials, inventory, orders, and customers.
  • Enter new geographies, open additional channels of sales or distribution and expand into new business models with a foundational platform to support your goals.
ERP Integration for fashion online brands

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