With the ongoing shift to the digital economy,
advertising and marketing agencies have
undergone rapid transformation in recent years—
so much so that traditional marketing agencies
have given way to digital marketing agencies.
Such disruption has led to new challenges: the
need to reinvent business models and strategies
to remain relevant, the need to implement a
business system that can adapt to industry
changes, the need to improve utilization and
profitability, and to expand internationally.

Key Benefits

  • Improved utilization
  • Increased profit margin
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Advancement through international expansion
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Digitization of business processes
  • Reduced cost to serve

If you’re like many advertising and digital
marketing agencies, you’ve built your own
products and your entire business based on
proprietary technology. You need a services
provider that can help integrate these systems
with a single cloud solution and a partner
that understands the leading practices for the
advertising and digital marketing industry.

The good news is that with disruption, there is
also opportunity—an opportunity to improve
antiquated systems, create processes that lead to
higher productivity and establish an infrastructure
that will enable you to focus on what you should
be focusing on: remaining competitive in an everchanging industry.

With NetSuite Services, you don’t have to do
it alone.

NetSuite Services offers companies in the
advertising and digital marketing industry support
for the full lifecycle of your business—from
the initial NetSuite implementation with our
exclusive SuiteSuccess methodology to our online
training services with Learning Cloud Support,
to continuous managed services with Advanced
Customer Support. We help advertising and digital
marketing agencies seamlessly transition to the
cloud, while addressing the industry challenges
of digitization of business processes, utilization

of resources, global advancement through
expansion, improving profit margins and major
disruption in the advertising industry.

Our services team is comprised of a deep bench
of consultants with a deep understanding of
advertising and digital marketing agencies, the
challenges you face and the best practices to help
you transition to an optimal state of operations.
We leverage the SuiteSuccess model and
methodology to ensure a solution built and vetted
for companies like yours. The results are improved
utilization, increased profit margin, innovation
and agility, advancement through international
expansion, improved operational efficiency and
reduced cost to serve.

NetSuite Services – For the Full Lifecycle of Your Business

NetSuite Services is successful in meeting the unique needs of advertising and digital marketing agencies because of the holistic approach we take with every industry. From Consulting Services, to Education Services, Support Services and Partner Services, NetSuite Services offers industry-specific support both before and long after you go live.

NetSuite Services provides a full suite of offerings that includes the following:

Industry Expertise

At NetSuite, we lead with industry. We have deep
expertise and experience with advertising and digital marketing agencies and we leverage that expertise to configure and customize the software uniquely to your business. This expertise is integrated into our SuiteSuccess implementation methodology and our exclusive industry-specific add-on service offerings.

Support Services:
SuiteSupport, Advanced Customer Support (ACS)

SuiteSupport offerings range from Basic to Premium to provide you with the answers you need, when you need them. Customers who require a greater level of engagement can take advantage of Advanced Customer Support (ACS)—an umbrella offering that provides coverage across all products and all verticals, from technical to functional. ACS is a managed service that takes you from reactive to proactive, keeping your solution at an optimal level, mitigating risks and increasing ROI as your business continues to scale and change.

Education Services:
NetSuite Adoption Services, Product Training, End User Training, Learning Cloud Support

One of the most critical factors impacting your success with NetSuite is the proficiency of your users. Our Education Services offerings help ensure your users take full advantage of NetSuite’s features and capabilities. Our expert NetSuite education and adoption consultants will develop a comprehensive plan designed to fit your users learning and business transformation needs, empowering them to drive business results. Our Learning Cloud Support offering provides access to learning content anytime, anywhere.

Consulting Services:
SuiteSuccess, Packaged Services, Custom Services

You’ve invested in us, so we’re investing in you. Our team of experts help ensure that you’re not paying for any software that you don’t need. Our SuiteSuccess methodology offers an agile and staged pathway for you to succeed by engaging you continuously throughout your lifecycle and keeping you on an upward trajectory.

Stairway to Your Success

Through SuiteSuccess, we offer an agile and staged pathway for you to succeed by engaging you continuously throughout the full lifecycle of your business, keeping you on an upward trajectory tailored specific to advertising and digital marketing agencies. Our services team leverages the SuiteSuccess model and methodology to ensure a solution built and vetted for advertising and

digital marketing agencies like yours. The SuiteSuccess methodology is focused on four key areas:

  • Rapid and efficient implementation
  • Leading advertising and marketing industry practices
  • Tailored delivery
  • Development and expansion

Why NetSuite Services for Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies

Implementing an ERP system can be extremely disruptive. We understand that for an industry that is keeping up with constant change, time is extremely valuable. You want a quick implementation and a clear timeline with key milestones to reach go-live. We can make that happen.

NetSuite Services is the only services provider that can provide services companies with all the following, and more:

  • Industry Experience. Our NetSuite Services team has experience and expertise with advertising and digital marketing agencies and a deep understanding of the challenges you face and the best practices to help you transition to an optimal state of operations.
  • Leading Practices to Accelerate Business. Our competitive advantage is that we not only have a product tailored for advertising and digital marketing agencies, but we also have a deep bench of consultants who work with companies like yours all day every day who can share leading practices. Additionally, our verticalization in several industries enables us to share best practices from an adjacent industry, and a more robust implementation. This insight enables our customers to accelerate business.

  • Diversification of Revenue Opportunities. We understand that advertising and digital marketing agencies are trying to diversify their revenue opportunities with merchandising and other revenue streams. We help guide you with leading practices on how to enter these new revenue streams or markets.
  • NetSuite Expertise. We have the highest number of certified NetSuite consultants in the marketplace. With our proximity to product development, we have the advantage of receiving updates from product development and a broad network of solution consultants and technical account managers with both product knowledge and implementation know-how.
  • Better Utilization Rates and Profitability. We help agencies achieve better utilization rates and increased profitability drawing on our years of experience and best practices helping a lot of clients go through this change for the very first time.
  • High User Adoption. Our NetSuite change management, education, training and testing team ensure a successfully implemented solution that works and has a high adoption rate. NetSuite is committed to the development of your business and is therefore invested in the successful adoption of the platform by your organization.

  • Guidance on Customizations. We guide you on the inherent limitations when trying to build customizations or changes that are not in the box. You walk away feeling like you have entered a great partnership and that we led you down the right bath.
  • Experience with Homegrown Systems. Many advertising and digital marketing agencies have built their own products and their entire business based on proprietary technology. We help you integrate these systems with NetSuite.
  • Global Reach. NetSuite Services enables advertising and digital marketing agencies that have multiple international subsidiaries. Through our acquisition by Oracle, we have even further strengthened our global footprint and reach with offices around the world with our Global Delivery Centers.

  • Building a System for the Future. We help you build a platform that represents your requirements for today but has the dynamic to adapt to move forward to be able to retain the work of large clients.
  • Minimal Time Investment. NetSuite is your partner on the implementation—we perform most of the heavy lifting. Typically, a customer provides a few hours a week for two to four months and then they are on the leading ERP platform.
  • Forecasting. Predicting performance can be as critical to services organizations as actual results, and often harder to measure. Our team enables you to leverage NetSuite for optimal resource forecasts, revenue and billing schedules, and forward-looking forecasts.

For more information, contact your Account Manager.