CloudConnect Consulting is honored to have been a sponsor of the prestigious Take Back the Neighborhood Charity Golf Event at Strawberry Farms Golf Club, Irvine, CA. The golf event, led by former NFL player Sherman Cocroft, is part of a series of fundraisers dedicated to supporting underserved youth. This event not only showcased our team’s golfing prowess but also underscored our commitment to community engagement and support for the laudable mission of Take Back the Neighborhood.

What is Take Back the Neighborhood?

Take Back the Neighborhood is an influential organization dedicated to empowering youth in underserved communities. Their approach encompasses comprehensive strategies such as education, coaching, nutrition guidance, and goal-setting, all aimed at ensuring that young people not only complete their education but also aspire to achieve significant milestones in their lives.

Oracle NetSuite and CloudConnect Consulting proud sponsors of Take Back the Neighborhood golf tournament Strawberry Farms Irvine CA

Terry Gren, Ron Bester, and Greg Goldstein, moments before teeing off, exemplify the perfect blend of sportsmanship and camaraderie, cigars in hand, ready to take on the course with style and spirit.

Ron Bester CEO CloudConnect Consulting and Sherman Cocroft Founder Take Back the Neighborhood

The charity event was a convergence of community members, local enterprises, and dedicated volunteers, all united in the goal of fundraising for this noble cause. While we may not have clinched the tournament trophy, our participation in the event was a victory in itself, reinforcing our dedication to enhancing the lives of families and individuals in our community. Sherman is a powerhouse of energy and positivity, pouring his heart and soul into enriching the lives of children. His dedication is both inspiring and unwavering.

Ron Bester, CEO CloudConnect Consulting with Sherman Carlos Cocroft, retired American football defensive back Kanas City Chiefs

At CloudConnect Consulting, our involvement in events like the Take Back the Neighborhood Charity Golf Event is a testament to our deep-seated belief in the power of community. We recognize the essential role of community participation and are committed to fostering positive change

Terry Gren VP Paystand, Ron Bester CEO CloudConnect Consulting, Greg Goldstein VP Oracle NetSuite, Strawberry Farms Irvine, CA

Terry Gren VP Paystand, Ron Bester CEO CloudConnect Consulting, Greg Goldstein VP Oracle NetSuite.

  • Paystand and CloudConnect Consulting
  • Terry Gren VP Paystand, Sherman Cocroft NFL Kansas City Chiefs Take Back the Neighborhood Charity Golf Tournament Strawberry Farms Irvine, CA
  • Terry Gren VP Paystand and CloudConnect Consulting Oracle NetSuite charity sponsors Take Back the Neighborhood Charity Golf Tournament Strawberry Farms Irvine, CA

We remain steadfast in our commitment to contribute positively to our community and to support initiatives that align with our ethos. 

Paystand VP Terry Gren truly added a touch of class to the event with his generous offering of fine cigars.

The heart of this charity’s mission shines through its dedication to lifting up the youth in Southern California. Thanks to the vision and efforts of leaders like Sherman Cocroft, it’s more than just a temporary helping hand; it’s a guiding light leading to a brighter future. Events like our golf tournament do more than just raise funds; they build awareness, unite people, and play a key role in shaping the future of young lives. By providing education, sports opportunities, and mentorship, this charity empowers these young individuals to face life’s challenges and chase their dreams with confidence. This commitment to our youth is not just an investment in their future, but in the future health and vibrancy of our communities as a whole.