As the world becomes more and more connected,
upgrading your IT environment is no longer a
means to get ahead—it’s a requirement to keep
pace. Beverage companies seeking to capitalize
on new opportunities need to unify their product
development, supply chains, manufacturing
processes and distribution networks or risk failure
in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

Organizations need an agile tech environment
to capitalize on new business models. Today,
beverage businesses are pursuing new revenue
streams, distribution networks and methods of
getting their products into their buyers’ hands, and
need technology that can keep up.

How Do Mismanaged Business Processes Impact Success?

Leading beverage manufacturers and distributors
tell us that unwieldy back-office processes and
outdated technology can create a number of issues
that can impact long-term success, including:

  • High operational costs and inefficiencies – Time
    and money spent on manually managing business
    processes instead of on meeting customer needs.
  • Manual information exchange – Disparate software
    applications (accounting, inventory management, warehouse management, ecommerce) that do not communicate in real time.

“NetSuite is a very important tool that
helps us work efficiently and effectively,
which results in us being able to scale
and grow faster.”
Philz Coffee

  • Lack of visibility into key business metrics – No
    ability to report on profitability by customer or
    products due to multiple systems and spreadsheets.

With all of these issues, beverage companies waste
valuable time and resources. In today’s high stakes
business environment, companies need to focus
more on customer service and business strategy,
and less on maintaining manual processes,
managing multiple software systems and updating
numerous spreadsheets.

Successful beverage organizations recognize that
streamlining operations is crucial to success for new
product development, supplier management and
data-driven business decisions. In today’s fast-paced business environment, having this efficiency can be
the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

NetSuite ERP streamlines business processes and
frees up the time and resources needed to scale,
drive innovation and remain competitive.

Comprehensive Financial Management:
NetSuite Financials provide end-to-end visibility
into receivables and payables. Businesses are able
to automate the entire order-to-cash process and
streamline the procure-to-pay and record-to-report
processes. As a cloud-powered platform, NetSuite
also enables real-time views of key, pre-built, easily
customized financial reports plus insights into
budgeting, expense allocations and amortization.
This, in addition to flexible revenue analysis—by
customer, service or product line—allows businesses
to make informed business decisions. Finally,
NetSuite provides tracking for the complete fixed
asset lifecycle and reporting from acquisition
to depreciation to retirement of those assets.

Inventory Management: NetSuite provides intelligent
control over inventory replenishment, helping ensure
that sufficient stock is on hand to fill anticipated
orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.
NetSuite Inventory Management enables you to:

  • Dynamically manage item reorder points and
    preferred stock levels based on average lead time,
    historical or seasonal-based sales demand and
    number of days supply to stock.
  • Reduce lag time with real-time alerts whenever
    stock falls to predefined thresholds.
  • Avoid “stock-outs” to maintain continuity.

Demand Planning: NetSuite’s native demand planning
module is specifically designed to provide the user
with the ability to predict required inventory based on
historical demand or sales forecasts. This innovative
tool offers the right balance of powerful functionality
and ease-of-use to help you manage your inventory
more efficiently.

Procurement: With NetSuite Procurement, beverage
organizations are able to automate and streamline
much of the purchasing process. Companies are
able to effectively manage vendor relationships,
streamline and improve the accuracy of source-to-pay processes by enforcing approvals, automate
and link key transactions, and establish matching
workflows to meet compliance guidelines.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): NetSuite
has invested heavily into its supply chain
management including:

  • Product data management, which allows for
    engineering change order (ECO) capabilities.
  • Supply chain control tower, which acts as
    central point of visibility for inventory across all
    subsidiaries/companies around the world to
    help schedulers, planners and buyers make the
    right decisions, communicate effectively with
    customers and suppliers, and hold just the right
    amount of inventory.
  • Inbound shipment management, which enables
    a business ordering large quantities of product
    from multiple suppliers to consolidate multiple
    purchase orders into a single container to simplify
    future tracking and status updates

WIP and Routing: Unlock the ability to define a
routing for the manufacturing process, the resources
needed to complete the process, and the expected
time and cost required. Routings also provide the
basis for the infinite capacity scheduling engine that
can help identify which resources are being over- or
under-utilized. Finally, capturing the cost of materials
consumed during the manufacturing process
creates a complete picture of the process costs
before it is finalized and committed to the GL.

Multiple Entity Management and Consolidation:
NetSuite OneWorld helps companies with multiple
locations and subsidiaries streamline operations
and provides real-time visibility at the local, regional
and headquarter levels within a single system.
With OneWorld, companies can develop standard
business processes and deploy them across their
divisions and subsidiaries at the click of a button.

With support for over 190 currencies, 27 languages,
customer deployments in 203 countries and
dependent territories, and country-specific
accounting standards across the Americas, Europe,
Asia, Middle East and Africa, NetSuite OneWorld
enables organizations to seamlessly meet the
individual needs of local operations and easily adapt
to the latest accounting standards and regulations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): As
you scale and acquire customers, NetSuite CRM
provides a seamless flow of information across
the entire customer lifecycle—from lead all the
way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment,
renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. In addition
to delivering real-time visibility of your customers,
NetSuite CRM mobility extends collaboration and
productivity beyond the workplace. With intuitive
tools that provide your mobile workforce with the
ability to easily access and upload important data

“NetSuite’s user friendly, cloud-based
system requires little maintenance
and allows us to focus on growth.”


they need outside the office, they’re empowered
with information at their fingertips.

In addition, the SuiteCloud development platform
enables customized mobile applications for all
unique business needs, while complementary
mobile solutions from SuiteCloud Developer
Network partners enable you to extend mobile
functionality regardless of the mobile platform your
organization uses.

Ecommerce: As the beverage industry trends toward
direct-to-consumer sales and business-to-business
portals, SuiteCommerce empowers businesses
to create a unique, personalized, and compelling
mobile and web experience.

Human Capital Management (HCM): Having
the right HR system in place is critical. NetSuite
SuitePeople empowers managers and HR
professionals to streamline employee information,
new hires, employee onboarding, payroll,
promotions and compensation changes, all from a
single suite. Key features include:

  • Core HR Capabilities
  • Payroll
  • Employee Center
  • HR Analytics

A Pathway to Success

With NetSuite, beverage businesses are getting
more than just software—they are getting a lifelong
business partner that is committed to their success.
Built with industry-based leading practices derived
from over 20 years of collective implementation
experience, NetSuite is designed to deliver value

on day one. Moreover, we take a consultative
approach—from sales to implementation to
support—to ensure continuity across your lifecycle
as a customer. We have a deep understanding of the
challenges beverage businesses are facing in today’s
market. As the pace of change accelerates, NetSuite
is here to keep you on a pathway to success.