Live Webinar: AR Challenges and How to Handle Them

Customer Jonathan Kuczer, VP Finance & Corporate Controller and NetSuite expert Ron Bester, CEO CloudConnect Consulting discuss how AR automation with Paystand and CloudConnect’s implementation team address these four common problems: high DSO and late payments, ledger disorganization, poor customer correspondence, […]

Customer Success Story – LeadVenture on NetSuite

When LeadVenture needed to resolve their accounts receivables challenges, they turned to CloudConnect Consulting Leadventure is a SaaS website provider of digital marketing services for dealerships, OEMs, and resellers across 13 verticals, operating multiple subsidiaries that provide solutions to drive […]

The Growing Cost of QuickBooks

 When it’s time to cut ties and move on In their initial stages, businesses often choose basic accounting software like QuickBooks. With a low price point and standard functionality, QuickBooks works best for businesses that are just starting out. But […]

Top 5 Ways to Recession Proof Your Business

Develop a detailed budgeting process and stick to it: Creating a financial plan that includes an accurate analysis of your revenues, costs, expenses and savings can help you make informed decisions about how to allocate resources during difficult times. Invest […]